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Blathnaid Bergin

The mission is simple – ‘to help those setting up to get it right first time, financially and operationally. To help those in the business to increase turnover, make profit and achieve financial and operational goals'.

The Restaurant Advisor

We do a C.S.I. - Culinary Scene Investigation on your business. We will help you increase turnover, reduce costs, improve standards and regain balance.


Short, no padding, essential, practical courses which focus on getting the Business of Food right every time. Setting standards, implementing systems, streamlining operations, increasing turnover, increasing profits and maintaining quality. It's also a lot of fun.

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SERIOUSLY! WHY ARE ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH OFFICERS STILL ADVOCATING PLASTIC BOARDS? It is incomprehensible in a world awash with information and awash in unwanted plastic from the Artic to Antartica, that our E.H.Os are still advocating plastic chopping boards, plastic gloves, plastic anything in fact. What is going on? It has been proven through scientific studies ...
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FAMILY FORTUNE Many of Ireland’s best restaurants/ pubs/ eateries are owned and run by families, some third and fourth generation and beyond. They weather storms, innovate, get bigger and better and collectively employ thousands of people across the country. They are critical to the economy and the social fabric of cities, towns and villages. Not ...
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Kitchen Charter to End Toxic Culture
‘IT TAKES A VILLAGE’  ’   There is a proverb that states ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. Could it follow then that it takes a community to change a culture. The recent Kitchen Charter initiative by Chef Network to improve the working culture across the professional kitchens of Ireland, has to be ...
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Boiling Over
Why are commercial kitchens and stress so often mentioned in the same sentence? What is it about commercial kitchens that can raise blood pressure while just thinking about them? Perhaps it is because in any given day in a commercial kitchen, chefs may experience some or all of the following, extreme heat – hob, fryer, ...
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Brutal Service, Spectacular Disconnection
Georgina Campbell recently commented on what she felt are the poor levels of service in the hospitality sector in Ireland. No sooner was the ink dry on the article than numerous voices came to the defence of the service sector. Not true, they cried. Look at how much the Americans love us and haven’t we ...
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Cork Courtesy
Trying to define what makes a restaurant great is like trying to catch a moonbeam and hold it in your pocket. Is it the lighting, the food, the service, the decor, the ambience, the pictures on the walls?  Is it the orchestral feeling you get when every instrument is in tune and the conductor is ...
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