Sverre and Nadine – Germany. The Business of Opening a Café

Dear Blathnaid

After 1 year and 4 months hard work we in Rosenduft und Kochlust www.rosenduftundkochlust.de just got the wonderful news from the German Michelin Guide that we will be in its 2013 edition.

I would thank you for all the good lessons you gave us in your Kitchen and Restaurant Management course where you taught us almost everything that is needed to succeed in this nice but strange business which restoration and hotelier is.

All aspects of your course have been an enormous help to us in the administrative work as well as in the kitchen. The one week we spent in Ballymaloe gave me a good knowledge about the work in the kitchen which helped me to understand the great work that Nadine Kramm is doing as our executive chef (trained in Ballymaloe).

You always insisted that we must work on our business and not in our business which is absolutely correct – for example your learning’s about how to make an efficient marketing has been an important factor to our success.

Thank you again for your transfer of knowledge, talents and kindness.

Best regards,

Sverre and Nadine

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