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Bringing your business into the Future
As we emerge into the new reality of post COVID19 operations, business will be conducted in a very different way. The Business of Food is available for Zoom consultations to assist you in restoring/ reshaping your business to meet these challenges. We will help you to examine every element of your business so that it is as lean as possible while preserving the core of hospitality and respecting the new Government protocols. We will also bring you online courses to assist in this journey. We will keep you posted.

Please get in touch by email or phone to chat about the future of your business.
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Blathnaid Bergin

The mission is simple – ‘to help those setting up to get it right first time, financially and operationally. To help those in the business to increase turnover, make profit and achieve financial and operational goals'.

The Restaurant Advisor

We do a C.S.I. - Culinary Scene Investigation on your business. We will help you increase turnover, reduce costs, improve standards and regain balance.


Short, no padding, essential, practical courses which focus on getting the Business of Food right every time. Setting standards, implementing systems, streamlining operations, increasing turnover, increasing profits and maintaining quality. It's also a lot of fun.

The Business of Food Course Online
Everything you need to start your own food service business. The course format will be on zoom with discussion, research, video, case studies, practical sessions and presentations. ''a must for anyone setting up a Food Business. The course is great ...
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