Having just completed the first exhilirating and energising 12 Week Certificate Course in Restaurant & Kitchen Management at the School one thing is clear, it pays to be very well informed. As my work in the industry continues, I am advising operators who are facing seismic challenges. I have such admiration for people who are creating employment, 30 jobs here, forty jobs there, ten more in another spot. They take all the risks, have to pay all the cheques, deal with all the myriad regulatory bodies, lie awake at night when the books dont balance. They take their responsibility to their employees very seriously and endlessly toss an turn the figures when it looks like someone might have to go.

In the past few weeks since our terrific group of entrepreneurs headed out into a challenging and sometimes frankly terrifying economic environment, I have worked with many different types of food service operators. Publicans, cafe owners, hoteliers, restaurateurs, they are all working very hard to keep it all up in the air. I listen to details of the daily struggle to keep it all going. I wonder how often these extraordinary people are asked by regulatory bodies how they are doing. I wonder how often they are asked did they get their break today, I wonder if the inspector asks them if they managed to get time to eat that day, if they are able to meet the bank payments. I wonder how often anyone asks these people who are struggling against all the odds, if they have enough money that week to feed their own family? I wonder.

Thank you to the fantastic facilitators who make up the School of Restaurant & Kitchen Management Team, we were delighted also that Dr Detta Melia, one of the lecturers from DIT Cathal Brugha St was able to join us and delivered excellent workshops to our students.

Special News – Meet Tommy, Caroline, Joe and Craig at the National Crafts Fair Food Village where the School of Restaurant and Kitchen Management will be exhibiting from December 1st – 5th.