Every business has challenges that have an impact on operations, revenues and costs.

An experienced industry expert investigating and advising on a particular challenge may be what is needed to identify, correct and advise on future strategy is what you may need.

The type of challenges may include:-

  • excessive waste
  • loss of revenue
  • rising costs
  • menu changes
  • staff service delivery issues
  • low service standards
  • and more

If you need an independent hospitality expert to assess and fix the challenge you are facing, then call Blathnaid on +353 (0)87 6790854

Operating Systems

Efficient operating systems are the very lifeblood of any business. A business without these systems will continuously struggle to maintain consistency of service.

Do you have robust Operating Systems?

Are the processes documented for existing and new staff?

Do you want to have clear procedures documented and implemented in your business?

If you want to have your Operating Systems checked against best industry practice and new and improved standards implemented, then call Blathnaid on +353 (0)87 6790854

Independent Analysis

An outside expert view will often identify increased revenue and reduced cost opportunities that may not be clear to staff working in the business.

How Does It Work?
Meet: We meet at your premises and provide a listening ear based on 25 years of industry experience to fully understand your needs and concerns.
Tour: Conduct a tour of the business and analyse its operation from the back door through the kitchen, front of house and the entire business operation.
Culinary Scene Investigation: Analyse the business and uncover the costs, both overt and hidden, the inefficiencies, the waste in terms of time, money, product and services.
Solutions: Report with instantly applicable recommendations.
Guarantee: Guaranteed savings, before, during and after your business set up.

If this is of interest to you, call Blathnaid on +353 (0)87 6790854

Online Mentoring

Developing managers for the future and succession planning can be a challenge. There may be areas that senior staff or owners find difficult and may need an outside mentor to guide them.

Here are some areas that hospitality staff may need some mentoring on:

  • menu planning
  • menu design
  • waste management
  • reducing costs
  • increasing revenues
  • setting Operating Procedures
  • increasing standards of service

If you or one of your team need 1 to 1 mentoring just call Blathnaid on +353 (0)87 6790854 and we can make a plan to suit the needs of your business.