It’s been a long time since I woke up in the morning and felt the heavy light of day on me. Being positive, resilient, strong and persistent is as hardwired into me as the hair on my head. This pandemic has hit some of us fast and hard, some of us with the force of a tsunami, some of us with unspeakable grief, some of us with unrelenting fatigue and for some of us; it just sneaks up on all our best intentions and catches us off guard.

Regroup, reinvent, recreate and work like crazy for three solid months to give birth to a new business model. Zoom, Vimeo, Filmora– words which previously belonged to ‘tech heads’ suddenly, miraculously became everyday skills, acquired with much help from others.

Kept my distance, washed my hands, sanitised; stopped hugging, dancing, yoga, gym, swimming, stopped café chats, across the table chats, front door chats, any chats.

Looked on at others struggling to keep the ‘rules’ and those who do not/ cannot/ will not and suddenly you wake up one morning and realise that life has shrank to such a tiny space, it’s difficult to welcome daylight.

Maybe today the pandemic has caught you off guard. Despite your very best effort to make the best of it, be cheerful, be upbeat, be positive, maybe Covid has finally gotten under your skin and insinuated its ugly self into your psyche.

If that is so, I think maybe that is ok too and that this day too will pass and we will wake up tomorrow and know that Covid tried to get us down but too bad, our resilient core resides to keep us dancing inside.

So, ‘my moma never told me there would-be days like this’ ( V.Morrison) but what she did say was that ‘we can get through together’.

Stay safe, stay well