Open Letter to Irish Officials who Support The Restaurant Industry

Irish officialdom may need to examine its conscience in relation to how it is making increasingly stressful, conflicting, challenging and downright unreasonable demands on the ‘Brave’ ( as one well known bank puts it) who put their money down to keep those officials in jobs.

Is there a valid reason why your officers, entreated with the responsibility of supporting start ups and business operators, each have a different interpretation of the law? Is there a valid reason why a restaurant in one county is told not to contact the EHO until the kitchen is already in and another is told not to lift a finger until the EHO has seen the plans and menu? Is there a valid reason why potential operators in separate parts of one county are being asked to do totally different things in relation to the same business? Is there a valid reason why EHO’s continuously make conflicting demands? Is there a valid reason why a Fire Officer in one county will demand a totally closed kitchen, while in a neighbouring county the kitchen is open? Is there a valid reason why EHOs cannot give a definitive version of the law?

 Is there a valid reason why those who risk everything to create employment for others are continuously stressed to fulfill the demands of those who don’t? Awaiting your reply with interest.