Restaurant Advisor

Practical, instantly applicable solutions to everyday challenges

What Do We Do?

Based on 25 years of successfully advising restaurants, pubs, cafes and hotels, Blathnaid Bergin and her team offers analysis, support and instantly applicable solutions to business challenges. We journey with you from concept to completion and beyond opening day, to establish the five star standard which is our stated mission. Our in-depth knowledge of food and food operations combine with decades of experience across design, operations, finance, law and marketing.

Blathnaid Bergin has assisted and enhanced a wide variety of hospitality businesses from caterers to cafes, from public houses to hotels, from delicatessens to sandwich bars. Her in-depth knowledge of food and food operations combined with her training skills ensures that all clients benefit from her advice and support.

Why Work With Us?

We know the industry, that’s why. We know the pitfalls, the temptations, the bad investments disguised as opportunities. We know when money is walking out the back door and going down the drain. We know when design is right and when design is wrong. We know how to fix the financial leakages and plug those operational holes.

We know how to help you establish five star standards and we know how to set up systems to keep those standards high.

We know how to set up robust financial controls to mind your money.

We know how to ensure that the quality of your food, your service and your life is excellent.

We conduct a Culinary Scene Investigation of your business from back to front and supply you with instant solutions based on sound, practical advice. Ask Johnnie Fox’s Pub, The Kilkenny Restaurant, The Burren TeaRooms, The Oliver Plunkett, Sol Café or any of our countless satisfied clients.

How Does It Work?


Meet: We meet you at your premises and provide a listening ear based on 25 years of industry experience to fully understand your needs and concerns.

Tour: We conduct a tour of your business and analyse its operation from the back door through the kitchen, front of house and the entire business operation.

Culinary Scene Investigation: We analyse the business and uncover the costs, both overt and hidden, the inefficiencies, the waste in terms of time, money, product and services.

Solutions: We provide a report with instantly applicable recommendations.

Guarantee: We guarantee savings, before, during and after your business set up.

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