Deirdre Coleman

Director - Interior Design

Before re-training in design, Deirdre worked for 10 years as a management consultant, meaning that her eye is always on return-on-investment and project management.  It wasn’t all number crunching though, in fact, it was in that capacity that she got her first insight into the phenomenal power of good commercial interior design.   Working on the business side of a total re-conceptualisation of a major UK furniture retailer, Deirdre had the good fortune to witness the re-birth of a brand, steered by Terrance Conran’s design team.  She was hooked. 

Some years later, after re-training in KLC London, Deirdre learned her trade in a Notting hill Design Agency, Jill Scholes, before setting up her own practice – later to be joined by two architects, becoming a thriving full service practice, Fabric Space. Since her return to Dublin Deirdre continues to design under Fabric Space and lectures part-time at the Dublin Institute of Design.  

Deirdre is passionate about getting the bones of the structure right for your business; the space planning, the flow, the light, the hard surfaces, the fixtures, and prioritising budget accordingly.  Nothing frustrates her more than seeing a beautifully ‘decorated’ café, where the diners experience is marred by poor acoustics, tables too small for the meals being served, chairs too low for the tables selected, gaps too narrow for wait-staff to pass by… and the list goes on!   Explore your concept with Deirdre and learn to consider your interior space as an integral part of your business plan, running far deeper than the colour you choose to paint your walls.