Elizabeth O’Connell

M.G.L.D.A. Garden Consultancy & Design

Elizabeth has 25 years experience in commercial horticulture and garden design. She is passionate about the creation of gardens from the tiny window box garden to the large private garden spaces and commercial projects.

Her gardens always include an area for food production and flowers for the house or business.

Through her work over the years she see the huge benefits and pleasure of gardening for her clients most of whom are busy business people needing a little therapy after a days work. What better place to get it than in the garden.

There is nothing to compare to the excitement and sheer pride and pleasure of harvesting your own food which you have sown yourself from seed.

That unforgettable flavour is in comparable to anything to you will ever be able to buy.

Have you ever eaten spuds straight from your own garden?  An experience never to be forgotten, or picked your own sweet pea flowers fresh for your home every morning?

Join Elizabeth in learning how to create your own garden and  grown your own food and flowers for your restaurant.