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Hannah Tarrant – Management Development Course
'Highly recommend Blathnaid’s course, wow, we are truly on track to achieving our business goals. Thoroughly enjoyed her way of informing through interactive and engaging brainstorming sessions'.
Mealla Tarrant – Management Development Course
‘I found the Management Development Course with Blathnaid to be an illuminating and empowering experience. Blathnaid was able to quickly identify gaps in my business and advise on strategies to both tackle and overcome these issues efficiently. I would highly recommend attending ANYTHING Blathnaid is running as her experience and business tools have proven invaluable to my business and the team.'
Yummy Cafe: Tralee, Co. Kerry
I highly recommend Blathnaid Bergin as a Restaurant Advisor. Her expertise and strategic guidance have been instrumental for Yummy Cafe Market in Tralee. She brings a wealth of knowledge, a collaborative approach, and a passion for the industry. Blathnaid's recommendations have significantly improved our operational efficiency. Ken Tobin - Yummy Cafe, Tralee.
The Pembroke Hotel – Kilkenny
I am thrilled to recommend Bláthnaid Bergin for her contributions to our food and beverage business as an external consultant. Bláthnaid's expertise and guidance have played a significant role in our growth and success, particularly in product/menu development areas. I'm proud to share that our efforts were recognized with the Best Hotel Breakfast Award from Georgina Campbell in 2023, and Bláthnaid's input over the years undoubtedly contributed to this achievement. Thank you, Bláthnaid, for your unwavering support and outstanding results!
MYO – Cork
I was considering selling a share of the business to someone with more expertise in the back end than myself. This I thought would help me focus on the front of house an not worry too much about the business end. A friend suggested a consultant instead and recommended Blathnaid and her team. I'm so happy I took his advice. Blathnaid came into the business and analysed every aspect of it. Leaving no Stone unturned the report she gave me is proving invaluable for the business. Highlighting the aspects which needed attention, to improve efficiency, compliance and the bottom line, she left me with a clear programme to which I could work from. This is by far one of the best investments I've made in the business so far and couldn't recommend Blathnaid highly enough.  Liam Mullaney  Myo Cafe 
Brigid Rynne – Menu Planning
"I was so glad that I signed up for the Menu Planning course. I have almost no experience in the food or hospitality business but have long held the notion of setting up a café to complement my core business, a haberdashery shop that sells sewing supplies. As we drew up plans for our new premises, my ideas got more ambitious but, at the same time, I began to worry about how it was going to work and how running a café might eclipse the haberdashery business. Over the course of the day, it became increasingly clear how unrealistic my plans were. However, rather than leaving me disillusioned, you gave me a new, practical, and achievable vision for a welcoming little ‘coffee corner’, where our customers can literally “rest their pins”. You’ve undoubtedly saved me tens of thousands in unnecessary ...
Tarja Owen- Menu Planning
 'As a result of attending the one day Menu Planning course , I have very clearly defined goals which will test out our food business idea before investing money and time. Blathnaid has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She can spot flaws in business ideas very quickly, which saves the business owner money, time and stress. The course had a good blend of personal experiences from the room mixed with facts and figures.' Biking.ie was born in 2007 by Tarja Owens and Niall Davis, two of Ireland's most experienced mountain bikers and highly accomplished International competitors, with a wealth of biking knowledge. We are passionate about biking and want to share our love of the outdoors with you! 
Michael Buggy
Michael Buggy, General Manager of Fallon & Byrne on Dublin’s Exchequer St recently completed the “Business of Food” Online Course. ‘Such a well-structured, relevant and comprehensive course. Regardless of your experience or background you will pick up many important learnings. The content, course facilitators and course materials are all great and Blathnaid obviously has such great industry and practical experience to call on. But what distinguishes this course is the quality of the teaching techniques, and the considerations given to explaining things in practical ways that are proven to be effective. Blathnaid is passionate about the industry and equally passionate about educating and supporting all her course participants with their aspirations and ambitions. The small class size also ensures that you get ample attention. For those who want to be infected with some new thinking I would highly recommend’ Michael ...
Conor O’ Neill -Growing your Business –
  I completed the Staying in Business course with The Business of Food on Zoom in May 2021 and found it an essential tool towards navigating these uncertain times in hospitality and helping the business become leaner and greener.  Blathnaid is a fantastic teacher with a wealth of knowledge / experience  that is easily implemented and explained though practical experiences.  The course is a real eye opener into how systems, if implemented correctly can transform a business. Conor O' Neill - The Glyde Inn  Thanks Blathnaid 
Mary Crotty-Business of Food
When faced with a third lockdown last Christmas I decided to take Blathnaid Bergin’s The Business of Food Course. Having worked in the Catering Industry for over 35 years this might seem a strange idea but in these unprecedented times I took the opportunity to take an in depth look at my business, how it is working & how it could work better.  I have worked with Blathnaid on several occasions over the years & have always found her to have a wealth of Knowledge based on practical experience which she is incredibly happy to share with you. I am delighted with my discission to do her course which was over zoom & broken up nicely into manageable chunks. As well as a lot of new ideas & better ways of doing things I also came away with a BIBLE ...
Eilish Hoctor – Business of Food
Blathnaid and her colleagues are a fountain of knowledge. If you are an established food business owner or just starting out then this course is a must to put the correct systems in place to continually improve your business. This course immerses you in a supportive environment with like minded people who gently challenge your ideas and help you to put tangible structure around them. The class size is small and there are so many topics covered. I learned so much from this course including how I can transfer skills from one sector to another, it completely exceeded my expectations. With my course notes, new network and new found knowledge I now feel I am properly equipped to confidently open and run a successful food business.     Thank you again,  Eilish 
Sinead Gillard – Business of Food
'This course is a MUST for anyone intending to go into, or change their existing food business. Every aspect of the course is informative and no matter how much you think you already know,  you will learn so much more. Before you spend your savings or take out a loan to spend on your idea, INVEST in this course. Thank you Blathnaid for sharing your valuable knowledge on everything to do with the hospitality industry'. Sinead Gillard, Jinny's Tearooms at Acres, Leitrim. 
Kevin Chan – Business of Food
‘The pace of the Online course certainly helped as I had time to take in the information that was giving and apply it or think about it more deeply and how I can implement these changes in a real environment. The group aspect was also very good. The interaction and breakout rooms with each person in the group was very good. It was a very open place to come and speak about whatever you wanted and there was never a sense of a stupid question. Everyone was there to learn. There is a lot of depth and areas are not skimmed on. We really dug into menu planning a lot. I think the course, though not cheap is worth far more than you pay for it. The things you can learn from the course will save you a lot of ...
Jennifer Cully – Business of Food
I completed the Business of Food course on Zoom and cannot recommend it highly enough. Blathnaid is a fantastic teacher with experience and knowledge worth ten times the cost of the course and I cannot quite believe just how much I learned. I started out thinking I had a good grasp of the basics but let me tell you, every day on this course was an eye opener. There are so many things that could potentially ruin your business, that I had never even considered or even been aware of. Blathnaid will tell you straight exactly what is required and I finished the course feeling 100% trust and confidence in what I had learned. I can also say without a shadow of doubt that I have saved a bundle as a result of her advice.  I now know exactly what ...
Evan Harding – Business of Food
Any of us who have dreams and ambitions to run our own food business are generally in the “haven’t got a clue where to start” category! The Business of Food Online  course will give you essential knowledge and reign in your general dreamscapes while putting sharp focus on what to do and what you don’t need. If you follow Blathnaid’s formula and structures you will realise all your potential. Her years of wisdom and experience in the food business has filled me with confidence to start my own business in 2021. I cannot recommend her course highly enough.  
Lauren McLoughlin- Business of Food
I have just completed the ‘Business Of Food Course Online’ run by Blathnaid Bergin. I am a pastry chef and would highly recommend this course to anyone who has a dream to open their own business or a management position in hospitality. The course covers everything from your concept, menu design, kitchen design, costing and accounting, marketing to interior design and much more. All the little tips and tricks of the trade. I now have the perfect tool kit! It is everything you need in a nut shell. From regulations, menu planning and design, to designing your kitchen and interior. It wraps up all the little things and the questions you want answered. I was nervous about the Online Learning and had no idea of what it would be like but I really enjoyed it. I think it is a ...
Katie Moriarty- Business of Food
  ‘The Business of Food Online is an extremely thorough and interactive course. It covers aspects of your business that you might not have even considered before, from lease agreements to putting food on your customers plates and everything in between. It gives you confidence that you have the knowledge and tools needed to run a food business to the best of your ability. It helped me crystalize my concept and keep me focused on my goals. My plan for my business was completely different and quite vague when I started the course. After completing the course, I feel far more confident and focused with what I want to achieve from my business. I will be putting systems in place for every aspect of the business for myself and my team, from thorough accounting systems to every step of kitchen ...
Fergal Goodwin -Business of Food
                    I completed the Business of Food Course in Q4 2020 and I cannot recommend it highly enough for anyone who either has a business or wishes to set up a business in the hospitality sector.  Simply put completing this course is a must-do...particularly in the extraordinary times that we're currently living in.        The course has been designed and is primarily delivered by Blathnaid Bergin who brings her extensive knowledge of the hospitality sector, whether it be restaurants, cafes, bars or hotels.  The course is highly practical and brings students through the basics of operating a business in the hospitality sector.  It has been cleverly designed where Blathnaid uses her extensive knowledge and experience to take her students through the common pitfalls of the sector through practical examples. This ...
Tom Mulligan – Adding Food to Pub
 I have just completed the ‘Adding Food to your Pub’ course, under the direction of Blathnaid Bergin.  It was an immense pleasure for me to be involved as a student of of the catering industry and to learn as much, about the food end, as I have. My previous involvement was restricted to the drinks end of the business. Anyone considering doing food in their establishment, would do well to undergo this particular course, which will give them a great objective understanding of all aspects of the food service industry Tom Mulligan Cobblestone Bar Smithfield  Dublin 7
Brian Morris – Adding Food to Pub
I can highly recommend the course “Adding Food to your Pub Online Course” run by Blathnaid Bergin which I have just completed. I have no background in the food industry and over the last 7 weeks have been introduced to every facet of the industry from a bowl of soup to a gourmet dinner. No detail has been left out from the design of your kitchen to the shape of a plate. The course includes all information regarding HSE food standards and even include a HACCP certificate on completion. This was the first time the course was run online due to Covid 19 and speaking to the other attendees the course could not have been run more professionally. I would highly recommend this course to any person interested in venturing into the food business.   Brian Morris Eldon’s Clonmel
Tribe Restaurant – Business of Food
I went to college for three years and I learned more in two weeks at the Business of Food Course. The way the course was taught helped me to remember everything we did, the ball, the meditations, the practical work, the discussions, the case studies. We designed the restaurant kitchen on the floor during the course and our kitchen in Tribe is exactly what we drew out during our practical kitchen design module on the course. The folder we have from the course is our bible and we constantly refer to it. We were taken out of your comfort zone and I did things that I did not know I could. We gained  so much in confidence and knowledge. We also made great friends and I am still in contact with the group.  We couldn't recommend the Business of Food ...
Elin Jonsdottir – Business of Food
'If you are running a food business it will open your eyes to multiple ways to become more focused and make improvements. If you are planning to run a food business, it will answer your questions and you will have many AHA moments that may even change your business plans dramatically. I have learned so much about the practicalities I will not feel like an impostor or fake.  The location is a dream, just wonderful and you are the perfect teacher' 
Ann Hillyard -Business of Food
'The course is definitely worth the investment. It has given me a blueprint to help create and put systems in place when it is time and will help us to focus on what is needed and to have something to help in evaluating progress. Thank you for sharing your immense knowledge of the business in an interesting way and in such a beautiful place'. 
Deborah Van Der Herder -Business of Food
'It is terrific! Worth every penny. Invaluable advice delivered in an unforgettable way. It has made me aware of the things to get right from the start. it has helped me to think about the things I need to focus on in the planning stages and the steps from A- Z. It has been a wonderful experience. 
Hazel Murphy – Train the Trainer & Scaling Up
We were so incredibly fortunate to have been able to complete a 5 week course with the incredible Blathnaid Bergin. A genius in all things Food and Business.  She brought the most boring and mind numbing aspects of hospitality to life, and it is now a 2nd language to us all. We laughed so much it barely felt like learning at all. I am truly in awe of this woman, she is worth her weight in gold. I would urge anyone thinking of opening a cafe/bar/restaurant and those in industry already to consider contacting her and seeing how she can help you upskill and make your business bullet proof. Thank you for everything Blathnaid.   The Buttery - The Business of Scaling Up - September 2019.
Dooks Fine Foods
'We (Dooks Fine Foods, Fethard) have been working with Blathnaid on a variety of areas in our business since entering our third year of operation. We were at a crucial point for the business: needing to refocus across areas of efficiency; business management; team training; service format etc. I first met Blathnaid on the business portion of my Ballymaloe Cookery School training over 10 years ago. Her advice rings as true now as it did then. She has a keen, experienced and in-depth understanding for food business, in which it can be so hard to survive while sustaining any noble, ethical and sustainable intentions that underpin your product.    In a short time our business has begun to benefit from Blathnaid's sage insights. A professional with instant vision for the most micro of details and practicalities that can hold a ...
Katie Devoy – Catering Course
Here is what Katie Devoy from Crumbs Catering said about our recent Catering Course ' it is intense but in a good way. It gets the grey matter thinking. It is inspiring regarding systems, ideas, costings. Certain pitfalls that happen in business that may be ignored come to light. Thank you again for a great course. It really has made me start thinking totally differently in the best way'
Tracie Daly
“You truly get out what you put in” The Business of Food Course is insanely educational, fantastically informative, wonderfully thought provoking and a real taste of what is entailed in setting up and running a viable food related business. Blathnaid Bergin starts at the very beginning so be prepared to put on your safety belt as it is intensive and requires your personal input to achieve the very best outcome for yourself and your business. You truly get out of this course what you are wiling to put in. If you are already established or if you are at the brain storming stage this course is for you. She shares every detail from her extensive wealth of Industry knowledge, her hard hitting examples are powerful and relevant and the incredible folder of notes that you will cherish from here on ...
Marine Restaurant & Boutique Hotel -Business of Food
 "This course changed our lives, We have been in business for many years when we came across the Business of Food Course. What a fantastic teacher and mentor. We enjoyed the course from start to finish. It was so interesting and insightful. It really taught us everything we need to know about running our restaurant. Anyone can run a restaurant but it took doing this course to realise the right way to run a restaurant. For anyone in the food business, this course is without doubt the best investment you will give your business and you will see the rewards from running a well structured business. This course goes into detail in such a engaging way, which is really important for anyone that has run a business because sometimes when you are in a business for so long you lose ...
Lucy Davis- Business of Food
Amazing. I would recommend it in a heartbeat. A must for anyone starting up/thinking of starting up a business in food. Very effective way of learning. I am someone who sometimes struggles to learn in a classroom with powerpoints but learning here has been wonderful. I kept interested and alert in this lovely environment and with this style of learning. It has helped me to understand what I need to do and how I need to do things.  I have learned so much and am excited to get started. 
Aoife O’ Donnell- Business of Food
  Thank you so much for everything throughout the 2 weeks in Ballymaloe. I can hand on my heart say it’s the best thing I’ve done so far. I arrived with a vague idea, humming and hawing if I’d like to do something in the line of a food business, and now I’m sure I do! The amount of information received is fantastic, so vast yet all so absolutely necessary.
Richard Page- Business of Food
As the year draws to a close, and I reflect on events, without doubt one of my personal highlights of 2018 was completing the business of food course. I had high expectations of the two weeks and had a clear idea of what I wanted to take away from it too, the experience and execution by you really did deliver beyond those expectations. Thank you once again for everything. I feel more focused and driven than ever to push forward with this, my confidence comes from the questioning and re-working of ideas that has been made possible through your framework and guidance.
Colin Barron- Business of Food
'I just thought that I'd send you a quick email of appreciation and thanks for a job very well done. I found the course and it's content enjoyable, inspiring and informative - a fantastic overall learning experience, exceptionally delivered, which I will never forget and for which I cannot thank you enough.   I have every belief that you have inspired a new generation of hopefully very successful entrepreneurs and from my own perspective, you have instilled new drive, confidence and self belief to just go for it and achieve both my personal and business goals - thank you'.
Fern Allen -Ballymaloe House Hotel
'We asked Blathnaid to help us during a transition period of family members in the business.  She worked with us for one year. We found her input most helpful.  She was able to break down the business, department by department and clarify the workings of each.  During her workshops we included team building between departments which helped us work as one'. Fern Allen  Manager, Ballymaloe House Hotel 
Delaney’s Daughter – Business of Food
"The knowledge I gained from attending the Business of Food course has been simply invaluable for me. Blathnaid's extensive experience meant that the course content was always 100% relevant and practical. Armed with Blathnaid's guidance and the tools I learned from her at the course, I now feel confident in my ability to run a food business successfully and to put in place the structures and systems to achieve that. I really could not thank Blathnaid enough. She is truly the go to expert."  Laura Delaney Boyle - Business of Food; May 2018 
Sinead Gillard – Business of Food
What was the most useful part of this training for you?  'Recipe engineering, menu costing, roster, importance of systems to run a successful business. Absolutely brilliant course and I feel much more confident starting new venture. thank you Blathnaid'
Paddy O’ Connell – Business of Food
What was the most useful part of this training for you?  'Learning from Blathnaid's vast experience, also the course folder gives excellent documentation on running a food service business. I found the course excellent and it should be a key part of any food business established or at start up stage' 
Kay Burke – Opening a Cafe
Kay Burke felt like a square peg in a round hole during her time in the corporate sector and once her children were safely through their teenage years, Kay decided to hightail it back to her county of birth, Cork. Settling back in the vibrant town of Clonakilty, Kay was already immersing herself in a food related hobby - Sugarcraft- at which she excels. Kay began to research cafe options and realised that she needed to learn the nuts and bolts of an industry with which she was not familiar. Kay enrolled on the Busines of Opening a Cafe Course with Blathnaid Bergin . Fifteen days over 12 weeks covered all the nuts, bolts, bells and whistles of getting it right first time. While doing the course, a property came up and Kay used the valuable advice received on the ...
Francois Pretorius – Business of Food
' 'Very informative and interactive. The course is outstanding and I have learned so much. The course has given me the confidence to go out and start something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I have learned how to structure every aspect of the business to maximise profit and happiness!. The course overall was fantastic.' 
Peter Muckian- Business of Food
' A must if you want to hit the ground running with your new business. The course will pay for itself 100 fold. It showed me where I need to up my game and the 100s of pitfalls to stay clear of in our new business'. 
Beth Massa – The Business of Food
'Completely essential. Wouldn't hesitate to give my highest, enthusiastic recommendation. I would describe it as the foundation where you can build the blocks of your business. With this course, I can start building the business properly, and speak to investors with confidence. I hope one day we will be so successful you'll be able to take pride in the fact that we attended this course'. 
Grainne Kelliher – Airfield Estate
We, at Airfield Estate employed the consultancy services of Blathnaid Bergin to carry out an assessment of our plans to remodel our iconic Overends restaurant. Blathnaid made a number of practical, service enhancing and cost saving proposals which have now been successfully implemented.   Blathnaid coached us through the changes and came back to audit our progress regularly to ensure that our new counter service model was as efficient as possible and delivered the highest levels of customer engagement, which has always been our priority at Overends.   We would have no hesitation in recommending Blathnaid for any food service business. Her advice is practical, sensible, cost effective and she ensures that the customer is centre stage in all her strategies.   Grainne Kelliher. C.E.O. Airfield Estate
Nicola Kilkenny – Flannerys Hotel
It is a behind the scenes in depth course based around running a bar that serves food. We have made changes re: hidden costs and improved efficiency.  It has been very enjoyable and worthwhile.  thank you. Nicola.
James Kavanagh – Business of Food
Intense, fast paced, thorough, holistic, keep up! It has helped me see the realities. James Kavanagh
O’Neills Pub – Adding Food to Pub
Excellent way of putting systems in place to manage your kitchen and restaurant. It has given me the tools to analyse my kitchen and have a greater understanding of the kitchen process. John O'Neill 
Susan O’Sullivan- The Farmhouse Cafe
' we opened Farmhouse Cafe with a Ballymaloe trained cook and loads of notions about 'proper ' food, and absolutely No experience otherwise. Very quickly we discovered that you can't do everything yourself. Which is where operational systems come in. So this is not the time to return to college for management training,  Queue Blathnaid Bergin. I just can't believe how lucky I was to have bumped into her. As I was up and  running as a cafe her 'Start a Cafe ' course was not really for me so she agreed to come in for a day and observe and advise. That's exactly what she did she sat all day at various tables unobtrusively, watching, taking notes, following us into the store etc. Then shot from the hip. Then the report, she dissected us- nicely. E.g. She showed how it ...
Ray Monaghan- Hargadons
Blathnaid carried out a full review of the businesses carried on in Hargadons at our request.    She interviewed everyone and sampled the food produced.   Her comprehensive report pin-pointed the issues and failings in the business and her advice formed the basis of our strategy from then on.    I have no doubt but that it was a major part of the success we have enjoyed since and I have no hesitation in recommending Blathnaid for an outside and expert objective analysis of any business.     Ray Monahan
Marian O’ Gorman -Kilkenny Restaurant
We, at the Kilkenny Design Restaurant on Nassau Street, Dublin contacted Blathnaid Bergin in 2011 as we were planning a full refurbishment of our restaurant. As our expertise is in retail design and fashion, we needed expertise in food service as we planned a major investment. Our plan was to refurbish the dining area and upgrade the counter areas to enhance our customer experience. Blathnaid carried out an analysis of our plans and made a number of recommendations which changed the direction of our project for the better. One of the first suggestions Blathnaid made was to improve our external signage and remove redundant messages which were not enhancing the five star image of The Kilkenny Brand. Blathnaid insisted that significant investment was needed in the kitchen as well as the dining area; as she explained that the kitchen is ...
Philip Masterson. The Business of Food
  Excellent, very practical for the food business. A must do. This course should be budgeted into start up costs for food service businesses. Very interactive which is the best way to retain knowledge. The Lean Bean Cafe  
Shirley O’Kelly – Timbertrove
'A necessity for anyone running a cafe, it will definitely save your business money as it covers all aspects. I would highly recommend this course. Excellent content and worth the time and money. 
Ellen Christie – Business of Food
It was a fantastic experience. I learnt so much in two weeks that I wish I'd known long before we opened. It was definitely worth the investment, I'm sure it will save as a result and it's a great environment to talk to others in similar areas. https://shankillcastle.com/cafe/
Marian O’ Gorman – Customer Care Course
I would recommend this highly practical and creative course to any retail business that wants to make real improvements to their Customer Care". Thank you Blathnaid
Sverre and Nadine -The Business of Food
Dear Blathnaid After 1 year and 4 months hard work we in Rosenduft und Kochlust www.rosenduftundkochlust.de just got the wonderful news from the German Michelin Guide that we will be in its 2013 edition. I would thank you for all the good lessons you gave us in your Kitchen and Restaurant Management course where you taught us almost everything that is needed to succeed in this nice but strange business which restoration and hotelier is. All aspects of your course have been an enormous help to us in the administrative work as well as in the kitchen. The one week we spent in Ballymaloe gave me a good knowledge about the work in the kitchen which helped me to understand the great work that Nadine Kramm is doing as our executive chef (trained in Ballymaloe). You always insisted that we ...
Tiernan Clarke – Business of Opening a Café
You would be mad to open a café if you had not attended this course.
Ashley Gribben – Business of Opening a Café
I would just like to thank Blathnaid for a fantastic 9 weeks. I knew within the first few of hours of starting the course that I'd made the right decision and overall it surpassed my expectations and more. I met some lovely people, really enjoyed myself and learnt so so much that's going to help me open and run my cafe. I would recommend anyone thinking of opening cafe to do this course before you do. You will benefit from it enormously! I just wish I could do it again :)
Anne Staunton – Business of Opening a Café
Although we have been involved in retail for over 30 yrs, on entering the Business of Food we soon realised that an in depth knowledge of this service industry would be required in order to pursue excellence. It was by pure chance that I embarked on a trip to Ballymaloe cookery school where I first met Blathnaid . I immediately realised that if we were to embark on any expansion of our current offering we would need to learn from her expertise. The 'Open your own Cafe' course has proved to be a most enjoyable, informative and worthwhile experience. I would recommend it to any retail business wishing to improve systems, employ and maintain knowledgable well trained staff and excel in customer care. Above all, it became clear, that, a successful business , of any type , must be capable ...
Kay Bourke – Business of Opening a Café
If you are hesitant about booking one of Blathnaid’s courses – put your uncertainties to the back of your mind and contact her immediately. Do not delay! It is worth every penny and much more. Blathnaid’s wealth of experience, knowledge and down to earth approach will set you on the right road. The experts that Blathnaid brings in to advise on areas outside her expertise are second to none in their field. It was a joy to take part in this course and it was the first time in quite a while that I jumped out of bed with a ‘pep in my step’ to head to Abbeyleix with the mouthwatering delights that Blathnaid had baked; awaiting. Thank you Blathnaid
Mary Coyne- Business of Food
From attending this course, Blathnaid made the information more relevant and made it an exciting prospect for running my business rather than a daunting one. Her presentation skills were excellent and she had all the attendees like friends at the first coffee break. We shared, we laughed, and we are now prepared. Thank you Blathnaid.
Marie Keenan- Business of Food
The course was fab, worth doing if you are planning a business just when you think you know it all to start a business, you will find out you don’t!
Candice Chalmers- Business of Food
It has inspired me in more ways than one. I had no idea that there were so many elements that needed to be considered to starting your own business and now I fell that I am more aware and excited to dive in.
Deirdre Mc Carthy- Business of Food
An intensive kickstarter course which gives you the building blocks for a good business.
Lindsay Mc Menamin-Business of Food
All the things you need to know about starting a food business to do it right so you don't turn your passion into a nightmare.
Sverre Steen, Germany-Business of Food
All aspects of your course have been an enormous help to us.
Ashley Byrne – The Half Door at Junction 20
Hi Blathnaid Thank you for your report. It made for very interesting reading and has given me a positive direction and focus for the coming months. I really enjoyed meeting you and employing you as my restaurant advisor I believe has been the best decision I have made since taking over The Half Door. Kindest Regards Ashley
Monsg Kevin O’Neill -St Patrick’s College
We at Carlow College are happy to recommend The Restaurant Advisor. Blathnaid Bergin did a fine job in helping us re-train our catering staff, upgrade our equipment and introduce a new range of dishes for our students. Her hands-on approach, her vast experience in the field and her ability to identify new possibilities has given our staff great confidence in facing the new academic year.
Mike Corcoran – Mike’s Deli & Catering
Blathnaid's insight, indepth knowledge and attention to detail is your secret weapon when it comes to dealing with everything from concept focus to menu design or securing finance.
Louise O’Brien – The Tearooms at The Heritage Centre,
After our first hectic year in business, our sessions with Blaithnaid were timely. The consultations allowed us to step back and take a breath, review progress to date, tweak things and plan some new ideas for year two. Blaithnaid has a wealth of experience at her disposal which she is happy to share. Months later, she has not forgotten us, promoting our business to various audiences and strategic interest groups when the opportunity has presented itself." Thanks Blathnaid
Conor Mc Cormack – Mc Cormacks Public House
This was the best money I ever spent and the best advice I got in relation to my business development. Blathnaid very quickly realised that we were uncomfortable with food and advised us to play to our key strength which is five generations of serving the best pint in Naas and to develop what we are good at. She also advised to add wine and good coffee which has increased our female custom. Thank You.
Chris Maguire – Stradbally Fayre
Dear Blathnaid, Your strengths lie in your in depth of knowledge and years of experience of the catering and food industry. Be it straight talking, realistic and highly organised. I am a very headstrong person and won't change my mind too easily unless for very good reasons. I found myself changing a few things due to your solid reasoning from your suggestions and greatly appreciate that. As we didn't have a background in this area, we found specific material eg. Menus, costings, recipes, very valuable in our preparations for opening our new business. C. Maguire, Stradbally Fayre.
The Pantry Cafe – Nenagh, Co. Tipperary
Dear Blathnaid, I just wanted to say thanks for all your assistance and advice in your role as Restaurant Advisor in Dec of 2008. Your recommendations have now been implemented and already I am seeing great efficiencies and cost savings even though it has only been six weeks since your visit. My one regret is that I did not meet you when I started in business first. Hindsight is a great thing and I can certainly say the cost of your service was well justified. You're fantastic to work with, a breath of fresh air, so down to earth and a good friend to know. Kind Regards, Grainne Moylan   www.thepantrycafe.ie
Uisneach Catering Ltd – Mullingar, Co. Westmeath
Dear Blathnaid, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your advice and support over the past few months. Your approach was relaxed but experienced and it was straight talking and honest. I have used your very practical advice to improve my business with great results and cost effectiveness. You helped me to meet the challenges and to relieve the stresses that had been part of my business previously. Kind Regards, Aine Gavigan
The Callanan Family – The Skeff Bar, Galway and The Prince Bar
We just want to take this moment to thank you so much for all your advice and assistance over the past year. Your straight talking and honesty was much needed and always backed up with practical advice on how to solve the issue. We have used this advice to improve both of our establishments with great results and cost cutting achieved across the board. You were great to work with and a great friend to come to know. We wish you all the best for the future and are in no doubt that you will help many more businesses.   www.skeffington.ie
Charlie O Leary – The Pavilion Garden Centre
Blathnaid Bergin truly is full of wisdom and flair as I found when she came to help us at The Pavilon. She gave us some fantastic advice and great ideas for our cafe which we have implemented in full. Blathnaid's advice was realistic and was tailored to suit the specific needs of our business with the ultimate goal of giving our customers a really positive experience that they will remember. With proper systems now in place it is easier for us to manage our customers experience and replicate it each time they visit. Many thanks Blathnaid.   www.thepavilion.ie
Causey Farm
Hi Blathnaid, We have just finished our Halloween Activities and we had our coffee shop running. We made a profit and it was so much easier than before. Your advice was great, thank you so much. The profit was great but I can't tell you how much less stressful it was for me which is so important. Thank you again. Angela
Helen and Dennis Nixon
When we first contacted Blathnaid we thought we knew about business and running a cafe would be no problem,she soon pointed out the hard work and dedication it takes to bring it from ordinary to right to the top. Everything she told us turned out to be right even though it took her a while to convince us her way was the best way. She took us right from the bottom of the ladder right to the top and set us on the right road from day one regarding the menu,the business side of things and the importance of having an efficient and cost effective kitchen at the heart of everything. She also helped us to realise its the little things in business we all ignore,that over a period of time they all add up and eat into your profit ...
Sadie Chowen – The Burren Perfumery Tea Rooms
Dear Blathnaid, At the end of our summer season for the Burren Perfumery Tea Rooms, we would would like to say a big thank you for the work that you did with us this Spring. Now in our tenth year of running the Tea Rooms we realise that we should have hired you in our first year! 100% professional, great information, an intense three days work but every minute was useful to us. Our Tearooms runs so much more smoothly, the food is fantastic and it's now a pleasure to manage instead of a source of stress. In fact I would say that it took a tenth of the time to run that it did before. Thank you again! I would work with you again without hesitation and with great pleasure.
The VFI & The Business of Food
The business of Pub Food is growing exponentially and is expected to continue growing through 2017 and beyond. Publicans are branching into food as a way to add value and increase revenue. They recognize that lifestyles are changing and the traditional way of doing things may not work into the future. The Vintners’ Federation of Ireland looks after the interests of over 4,000 members nationwide and providing members with expert information and ‘know-how’ about the food business is one of its main priorities. The VFI is partnering with Blathnaid Bergin from The Business of Food to run her ‘Business of Pub Food’ courses in Galway and Cork over the coming weeks. Blathnaid has successfully delivered this tailor-made program to VFI members in the midlands, although some travelled from as far as Achill Island. Blathnaid Bergin is honoured to have been ...
Kaitlin McMahon – Business Manager, Johnnie Fox’s Pub
  “Rise Above It” Rise above it is something we say to our customers due to our unique height location and being the Highest Pub in Ireland, but since experiencing our time with Blathnaid Bergin and her hand selected team of advisors we can now honestly say that we “rise above everything” related to the issues we had historically. Blathnaid brought a keen eye, a superb sense of team work, a great perspective on customer service, satisfaction and expectations. Her range started from the customers perceived expectation before arriving with us, continued through their first steps over our threshold and on through the décor, the menu ranges, the plates and staff uniforms all the way through to how we say goodbye. The “behind the scenes” support given and in-depth knowledge was faultless, saving on our waste management, purchases and adjusting ...
Trish Lenihan- Business of Opening a Cafe
An absolute must for anyone thinking/interested in setting up any type of food service business. It has helped me pinpoint what type of food service business I want and what will work for me, family and personal life. It is a great course and I am delighted to have attended. Interesting, informative as well as challenging. Thanks for everything.
Candice Chalmers – The Business of Food
This course not only provided me with a sense of direction but it also taught me the fundamentals of the food industry and expanded my knowledge and sincere passion for this industry. The people that I met, the opportunities that were presented, and the things I learned all help to make me realize that this truly is the industry for me.   As I am a person who can get overwhelmed fairly quickly by new material, this course made it fun to learn using various methods and techniques. From the fine details to the elaborate displays and offbeat activities, everything was thought through and made all the difference.  I never once felt intimidated or uncomfortable with any of the material and I truly feel like I absorbed so much more than I thought ever could be possible.
Anna Fletcher – The Business of Food
I was first drawn to the Business of Food course run by Blathnaid Bergin because I felt I needed to decrypt the world of food in relation to business. To enable me to think with knowledge about my business ideas. The course not only fulfilled my expectations but far surpassed them Exciting, intense, packed full of fantastic systems to follow, guidelines and know how in order to avoid your business failing. Just love Blathnaid’s teaching style and vast amount of knowledge. Blathnaid’s enthusiasm and knowledge filled the classroom with a eager buzz to learn. After 2 weeks jam packed with intense learning, fantastic lectures by specialists and a lucid colorful step by step guide with helpful notes and enough information to dodge all the pitfalls when starting a business; my dreams had started to flourished and form a reality.
Heather Maguire – The Business of Food
I don't think anyone thinking of opening a restaurant/cafe or food business in general can afford not to do this course. It is an investment, but a real money saver to anyone thinking of opening a business. The pitfalls are given to you "full on" no frills and that is what you need.   For me this was invaluable. I now have a very real view of what it would be like to open my own place, the commitment, the pit falls, and I am definitely armed with what I need to know if I had to open tomorrow.
Loretta Barry – Business of Pub Food
The Business of Pub Food is an excellent course. Blathnaid has a wealth of knowledge and is passionate about what she teaches. I had a very long drive of 3 .5 hours to get home but with all that was going on in my head after the course, I was buzzing with good ideas and never got tired any night. I would highly recommend this course to anyone in business.
Melanie Merenda- Business of Food
I took Blathnaid’s course in December 2014 and I have to say that it's one of the best courses I ever took. Very informative, this course covers a wide range of topics in a practical fashion. More importantly, it's about sound management principles that enable you to run a café effectively, earn a living without killing yourself at work, while still offering a wonderful customer experience.  And all of that in a lovely setting and with Blathnaid warm and joyful personality.
Fatima Ibrahimova – The Business of Food
Great course to learn more about food and beverage specifics, place to share your fears and turn them into successful business ideas. Place to be and course to take if you are planning to open a restaurant/café. If you have one already, you will be glad to take the course anyway. Very beneficial.
Brian Culligan- Business of Food
Informative, indepth, solid foundation for setting up and staying in business. It has opened my eyes to all the elements of opening a food service business and made me aware of the pitfalls of both opening and staying in business. Thank you for all your effort, knowledge, direction and course execution over the last two weeks. Simply a different class.
Martina Haier – Adding Food to Pub
This course was fantastic, it exceeded all my expectations. What was covered in three days was vast and detailed. I can't imagine going into a food business without doing this training. This course has made me feel very prepared and organised and I am extremely excited at the prospect of starting in the industry.
Julie O Mahoney. Business of Food
The most important time spent before opening a business. Vital if you want to succeed. It has given me the tools to put together systems and forecast food and budgets. It also showed how hard it is and where people normally fail.
Rosie Fahy- Adding Food to Pub
Wonderful course to help focus for anyone interested in opening a food service business, extremely well presented and every issue explained. Blathnaid was fantastic. Thank you.
Mariam Simigh – Business of Food
It's a very good and very intensive course on the basics of opening a food business. I would certainly recommend it to everyone who thinks about setting up a cafe/restaurant; only to have a reality check and learn about business and themselves. At the end of the course I have more confidence and can start real planning.
Margaret Power – Adding Food to Pub
A life experience. If I never set up pub food, it has changed the way I look at cafes, restaurants, for ever in relation to quality and service and the overall experience of eating out.
Emmet Lynch – Adding Food to Pub
This course is a must for any publican doing food. You will learn practices applicable to all aspects of your business, not just food. You will leave with homework that will give you more control over your business. Great course, far exceeded expectations.
Tracey Robinson – Adding Food to Pub
Do it. Loved this course.
Aaron Slevin – Adding Food to Pub
Excellent. Most worthwhile course done so far - no content fillers. Fully comprehensive and I am now more knowledgeable.
Bertrand Dickerns – Adding Food to Pub
Excellent, practical course focusing on how to establish and successfully run a food business within a pub.
Francis Galvin -Adding Food to Pub
Potentially life changing information that can be put into practice immediately. Delighted I made the decision to do the course after much deliberation.
Mark Cashen- Opening a Cafe
100% a must do. Worth five times more than it costs.
Paschal Dillon -Adding Food to Pub
Just apply and do the course at whatever level of food you are at and you will be guaranteed to pick one area that you will save the cost of the course straight away. Money well spent.
Candice Chalmers – Business of Food
Candice Chalmers from Toronto, Canada is determined to buck the trend in the Food Service Industry by preparing properly for her foray into the business. Read her story of how she came to be at The Business of Food Course @ The Ballymaloe Cookery School in April 2014. My name is Candice Chalmers, I live in Toronto, Canada. Recently I was looking to gain a better understanding of the Food and Beverage Industry but had absolutely no idea where to start or where to look. I was trying to find a course here in Canada that provided me with the opportunity to learn about the food and beverage industry. I wanted something that was short term as I was unable to commit to a long term program and I wanted something that would truly enhance my skill set. Unfortunately I ...
Alison Duck – Business of Pub Food
Alison Duck lives on an organic farm outside Durrow in Co. Laois, Ireland. With her husband Dominic, she runs the farm and has just opened their fully organic café which also sells organic meat and fantastic eggs from the farm. It is situated on a lovely rise over looking their farm and the river Nore below. Open at weekends at the moment, the café serves delicious soup, sandwiches and home made cakes. Alison completed our Business of Opening a Café in 2014 and had this to say... "A practical and focused course on the business of setting up a café." Wishing Alison and Dominic the very best and there is a sunny verandah which wraps the whole building to take all that Irish sunshine.
Pat Cohan’s Bar – Business of Food
Sharon Mc Grath and Ray Kenny bought Pat Cohan’s Bar in Cong, Co. Mayo (of The Quiet Man fame) in 2013 and proceeded to renovate it to its current status as probably the smartest bar in the area. Sharon worked in banking for many years before returning to her home in Co. Mayo to begin a new life and a new business. Sharon attended ‘The Business of Opening a Café’ in Abbeyleix in early 2014 and while attending the course, was getting the business ready to open. Sharon was able to plan her strategy during the course and take back each day’s learning to put into practice. We got regular updates on progress and helped Sharon plan her kitchen, her systems and menus. Sharon and Ray opened the pub to the public in July of 2014 and hit the ground ...
Blackwater Garden Centre Café – Business of Food
Anne Mc Kenna made the decision to attend the 10 day Business of Food course at the Ballymaloe Cookery School 48 hours before it began. Anne had already started the reconstruction phase of a building in the family garden centre at Blackwater outside Youghal in Co. Cork. Anne attended the course to gain knowledge and skills relating to the operations of her planned cafe.   Anne has since transformed a dark space in the centre of the family garden centre at Blackwater  into the gorgeous Good Food Cafe with stunning views over Youghal bay. Anne is also serving the highest quality food, most of which is locally sourced. The cafe provides a haven for customers of the lovely garden centre and regularly holds events such as Basket Weaving, Childrens Workshops and Pop Up Dinners with Guest Chefs such as the ...
Caroline Gray -Business of Food
I had the benefit of attending one of the courses directed by Blathnaid Bergin and I cannot recommend her course highly enough. The in depth knowledge which Blathnaid and her tutors shared with participants was exceptionally valuable and was of world class standards. Her professionalism and expertise was the foundation for my current business and I know that I saved significant expenditures when I started my business as a result of her advice. Equally important was the focus she placed on standards, systems and meeting customer needs and provision of excellent customer service. Her course provided the trade secrets needed for a successful food business in a v competitive industry and the fees were money well spent. If one is interested in working in the food sector or opening a business and are accepted onto one of her courses u ...