Anne Staunton – Business of Opening a Café

Although we have been involved in retail for over 30 yrs, on entering the Business of Food we soon realised that an in depth knowledge of this service industry would be required in order to pursue excellence. It was by pure chance that I embarked on a trip to Ballymaloe cookery school where I first met Blathnaid . I immediately realised that if we were to embark on any expansion of our current offering we would need to learn from her expertise. The ‘Open your own Cafe’ course has proved to be a most enjoyable, informative and worthwhile experience. I would recommend it to any retail business wishing to improve systems, employ and maintain knowledgable well trained staff and excel in customer care. Above all, it became clear, that, a successful business , of any type , must be capable of reproducing the best possible product, consistently , at all times.

Blathnaid s practical learning methods are easy to put into practise and her attention to detail can only achieve the best results. Armed with this new found learning I look forward with confidence to embarking on any future business expansion.