Brigid Rynne – Menu Planning

“I was so glad that I signed up for the Menu Planning course. I have almost no experience in the food or hospitality business but have long held the notion of setting up a café to complement my core business, a haberdashery shop that sells sewing supplies. As we drew up plans for our new premises, my ideas got more ambitious but, at the same time, I began to worry about how it was going to work and how running a café might eclipse the haberdashery business. Over the course of the day, it became increasingly clear how unrealistic my plans were. However, rather than leaving me disillusioned, you gave me a new, practical, and achievable vision for a welcoming little ‘coffee corner’, where our customers can literally “rest their pins”. You’ve undoubtedly saved me tens of thousands in unnecessary equipment and staffing costs. Better still, by scaling down the café and food prep areas, we’ve freed up more space for retail and teaching. I’m delighted. Unquestionably money well spent.


Thank you for everything. It will probably be next year before the building work is anywhere near complete, but I’ll be in touch again when we’re in a position to design the coffee corner. NO SOFAS!”