Candice Chalmers – Business of Food

Candice Chalmers from Toronto, Canada is determined to buck the trend in the Food Service Industry by preparing properly for her foray into the business.

Read her story of how she came to be at The Business of Food Course @ The Ballymaloe Cookery School in April 2014.

My name is Candice Chalmers, I live in Toronto, Canada. Recently I was looking to gain a better understanding of the Food and Beverage Industry but had absolutely no idea where to start or where to look.

I was trying to find a course here in Canada that provided me with the opportunity to learn about the food and beverage industry. I wanted something that was short term as I was unable to commit to a long term program and I wanted something that would truly enhance my skill set. Unfortunately I was unable to find this type of course in Canada so I started to branch out and look for other opportunities. This is when I came across The School of Restaurant and Kitchen Management and found a course called the Business of Food. After reading the description I was completely sold and it seemed to speak right to me; I had to sign up and take a chance.

The Business of Food Course surpassed all of my expectations and more. I have been extremely fortunate as I have been able to attend many different kinds of courses and this by far was the most invigorating course that I have had the pleasure of attending. The learning environment that was created was one of comfort and ease and the room was constantly filled with laughter, fun, bright colors and warmth. Everyone in the class had a draw to various elements in the food industry and it was so exciting and exhilarating to meet such like-minded individuals. I made incredible friends and cannot wait to see where everyone ends up.

This course not only provided me with a sense of direction but it also taught me the fundamentals of the food industry and expanded my knowledge and sincere passion for this industry. The people that I met, the opportunities that were presented, and the things I learned all help to make me realize that this truly is the industry for me.

As I am a person who can get overwhelmed fairly quickly by new material, this course made it fun to learn using various methods and techniques. From the fine details to the elaborate displays and offbeat activities, everything was thought through and made all the difference. I never once felt intimidated or uncomfortable with any of the material and I truly feel like I absorbed so much more than I thought ever could be possible.

Blathnaid is a phenomenal teacher and she ensures that her own knowledge and passion shines through each day as she provides new and exciting material to the class in the most unique ways.

I flew in by myself from just outside of Toronto, Canada to Ireland in order to take the Business of Food course. The travel was an extremely simple and smooth process. Dealing primarily with The Ballymaloe Cookery School, everyone was so kind and helpful and insisted on doing anything they could to make my transition easier. Correspondence was frequent and I was supplied with a ton of information about the school and the surrounding area. The only slight issue that I had dealt with me forgetting my wellies – make sure you pack them so you can walk through the gardens!

The experience at Ballymaloe Cookery School was completely surreal! Coming from a big city with the constant hustle and bustle of daily life, it was an absolute delight to experience life at Ballymaloe. The passion for food, hospitality and cooking could be felt throughout the entire school and the people helped to make it, in my opinion, one of the most charming and ethereal places in the world. If it sounds like I am exaggerating you just have to experience this place for yourself to truly begin to comprehend.

The Business of Food course was sincerely an unbelievable experience and undoubtedly worth the travel to Ireland.