Dooks Fine Foods

‘We (Dooks Fine Foods, Fethard) have been working with Blathnaid on a variety of areas in our business since entering our third year of operation. We were at a crucial point for the business: needing to refocus across areas of efficiency; business management; team training; service format etc. I first met Blathnaid on the business portion of my Ballymaloe Cookery School training over 10 years ago. Her advice rings as true now as it did then. She has a keen, experienced and in-depth understanding for food business, in which it can be so hard to survive while sustaining any noble, ethical and sustainable intentions that underpin your product. 


In a short time our business has begun to benefit from Blathnaid’s sage insights. A professional with instant vision for the most micro of details and practicalities that can hold a team and service structure back; to the macro business elements that must be understood for the survival of small – medium businesses in the food industry. Blathnaid is supportive, kind and understanding in her approach and delivery of advice to boot.’ – Richard Gleeson, Dooks Fine Foods, Fethard, Co. Tipperary