Fergal Goodwin -Business of Food


I completed the Business of Food Course in Q4 2020 and I cannot recommend it highly enough for anyone who either has a business or wishes to set up a business in the hospitality sector.  Simply put completing this course is a must-do…particularly in the extraordinary times that we’re currently living in.     

The course has been designed and is primarily delivered by Blathnaid Bergin who brings her extensive knowledge of the hospitality sector, whether it be restaurants, cafes, bars or hotels.  The course is highly practical and brings students through the basics of operating a business in the hospitality sector.  It has been cleverly designed where Blathnaid uses her extensive knowledge and experience to take her students through the common pitfalls of the sector through practical examples. This simple approach stays clear of detailed theory and fads, thus making its application to any business straightforward.  Blathnaid has also used her extensive network of contacts built over the years to design the various modules and, where appropriate, uses subject matter experts on topics such as Accounting (food costing & pricing), Marketing, Coffee, Food Safety and Interior Design.  
Currently the course is offered remotely in order to comply with Covid-19 protocols.  While face-to-face is preferred by many, Blathnaid has broken the course into bite sized chunks of 2 x 4.5 hour sessions over 10 weeks.  Also the class size is typically 7-10 per class. 
The key question to consider: “is it worth the cost of the course” and the honest and simple answer is yes – the amount of knowledge imparted should ensure that you avoid the common mistakes which could save you a lot of wasted time and/or money.  Completing this course will also greatly assist you in making your business dream or business transformation achievable.  
In completing this course you will have gone through a journey, so don’t be surprised or feel uneasy if your vision is different at the end of the course from the beginning. Having made my own journey, I hope to be off to Ballymaloe Cookery School shortly!