Helen and Dennis Nixon

When we first contacted Blathnaid we thought we knew about business and running a cafe would be no problem,she soon pointed out the hard work and dedication it takes to bring it from ordinary to right to the top.

Everything she told us turned out to be right even though it took her a while to convince us her way was the best way.

She took us right from the bottom of the ladder right to the top and set us on the right road from day one regarding the menu,the business side of things and the importance of having an efficient and cost effective kitchen at the heart of everything.

She also helped us to realise its the little things in business we all ignore,that over a period of time they all add up and eat into your profit margin.

We found her to be a great support when things were tough at the beginning trying to get the place open and running smoothly and iron out problems straight away before it was too late and the public write us off as useless.

We are very happy with the business she has left us with and it’s up to us now to keep it being a success.