Jennifer Cully – Business of Food

I completed the Business of Food course on Zoom and cannot recommend it highly enough. Blathnaid is a fantastic teacher with experience and knowledge worth ten times the cost of the course and I cannot quite believe just how much I learned. I started out thinking I had a good grasp of the basics but let me tell you, every day on this course was an eye opener. There are so many things that could potentially ruin your business, that I had never even considered or even been aware of. Blathnaid will tell you straight exactly what is required and I finished the course feeling 100% trust and confidence in what I had learned. I can also say without a shadow of doubt that I have saved a bundle as a result of her advice. 

I now know exactly what I need to do to get my business up and running, the systems I need to put in place and the order in which to tackle it all. Put simply, it correlated everything I needed to know and do into one place and the handouts and notes are now my bible!

I can’t imagine anyone starting a food business without doing this course, it is absolutely an essential.
Jen Cully – The Good Batch