Kaitlin McMahon – Business Manager, Johnnie Fox’s Pub


“Rise Above It”
Rise above it is something we say to our customers due to our unique height location and being the Highest Pub in Ireland, but since experiencing our time with Blathnaid Bergin and her hand selected team of advisors we can now honestly say that we “rise above everything” related to the issues we had historically.

Blathnaid brought a keen eye, a superb sense of team work, a great perspective on customer service, satisfaction and expectations.

Her range started from the customers perceived expectation before arriving with us, continued through their first steps over our threshold and on through the décor, the menu ranges, the plates and staff uniforms all the way through to how we say goodbye.

The “behind the scenes” support given and in-depth knowledge was faultless, saving on our waste management, purchases and adjusting our suppliers to get on the farm-to-fork level we had previously lacked.

In fact, the savings alone paid for the service given with change left over, we cannot praise the service of “The Restaurant Advisor” enough and suggest you stop reading testimonials now and get down to engaging Blathnaid.