Katie Moriarty- Business of Food


‘The Business of Food Online is an extremely thorough and interactive course. It covers aspects of your business that you might not have even considered before, from lease agreements to putting food on your customers plates and everything in between. It gives you confidence that you have the knowledge and tools needed to run a food business to the best of your ability.

It helped me crystalize my concept and keep me focused on my goals. My plan for my business was completely different and quite vague when I started the course. After completing the course, I feel far more confident and focused with what I want to achieve from my business. I will be putting systems in place for every aspect of the business for myself and my team, from thorough accounting systems to every step of kitchen management and service. 

I liked that we had time over the course to process each lesson and apply it to our own businesses during the days between classes. The way it was spaced out made it easy to even start applying some of what we learnt in real time to our businesses. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and support over the course Blathnaid and co, and for all the hard work put into organising it. It was great!!’

Kate Moriarty, Valentia Island, Co. Cork.