Kevin Chan – Business of Food

The pace of the Online course certainly helped as I had time to take in the information that was giving and apply it or think about it more deeply and how I can implement these changes in a real environment. The group aspect was also very good. The interaction and breakout rooms with each person in the group was very good. It was a very open place to come and speak about whatever you wanted and there was never a sense of a stupid question. Everyone was there to learn. There is a lot of depth and areas are not skimmed on. We really dug into menu planning a lot. I think the course, though not cheap is worth far more than you pay for it. The things you can learn from the course will save you a lot of money in the long run. It is an investment in your business in the long run and should be seen as such.


Oh, and the course goes over as much aspects needed to run a successful business as you can imagine from marketing, accounting, interior design, health and safety, law, menu planning, kitchen design.

The course pushed me to make decisions that needed to be made by having honest conversations. Learning about costing and menu planning.

I think the timing was great. Twice a week allows you time to rethink everything’

Kevin Chan, ChaiYo Restaurant, Baggot St, Dublin.