Marine Restaurant & Boutique Hotel -Business of Food

 “This course changed our lives, We have been in business for many years when we came across the Business of Food Course. What a fantastic teacher and mentor. We enjoyed the course from start to finish. It was so interesting and insightful. It really taught us everything we need to know about running our restaurant. Anyone can run a restaurant but it took doing this course to realise the right way to run a restaurant. For anyone in the food business, this course is without doubt the best investment you will give your business and you will see the rewards from running a well structured business. This course goes into detail in such a engaging way, which is really important for anyone that has run a business because sometimes when you are in a business for so long you lose your way. We will forever be indebted to Blathnaid for this course. It is without doubt the best thing we have ever done for our business. Many thanks from Elaine and Derek at The Marine Restaurant and Boutique Hotel.”