The Self Employed

Who in their right mind would be self employed in Ireland today?

Government bodies, ministers, wanna be ministers, wanna be councillors are all over the self employed like a summer heat rash at the moment, vote cards in hand.  But, reading a fantastic piece today by Elaine Murphy of The Winding Stair and The Woollen Mills Restaurants,about the ludicrous amount of legislation in the restaurant industry, it a struck me that the country is being run by people who have no idea of the link between business and job creation. A frustrated restaurant client recently bemoaned this fact which she said was hardly surprising as the Dail is dominated by ex teachers.

Teachers deserve great respect as they prepare the next generation to change the world, but does this mean that they know how to run a business?  What else could explain the insanity of the regulatory burden not just on the restaurant industry but across business? What else could explain why those who take all the risks, who put up the money, who create the jobs, pay the bills are the only sector in our crazy little democracy who don’t have any safety net if things go pear shaped?

Odd, that.